Embedded Optical Subsystems

Complete optical subsystems to take your connectivity to the next level

Optical Subsystems

photo of optical subsystems

SX51-01 Optical Subsystem

The SX51-01 subsystem adds bi-directional comm and control to the 14 Gbps (4 x 3.5 Gbps) uni-directional data lanes for a full-function optical engine design solution.

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Raptor optical subassembly receiver

NEW! SR51-01 Raptor Optical Subassembly

This complete optical subsystem offers uncompressed 8K and 4K video, using only one fiber for maximum flexibility and minimal size.

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Inneos Optical Subassembly

SH51-01 Optical Engine

This optical engine supports 24 Gbps (4 x 6 Gbps) data rates on one fiber plus a 150 MHz bi-di control link, all on just one fiber, making it easy to take your connectivity to the next level with optical interconnects.

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Plug-Down Optical Engines

SH51-02M Barracuda Optical Engine for HDMI 2.0

The Barracuda -02M is a simple plug-down optical engine for uncompressed 18 Gbps HDMI 2.0 and is also compatible with the Jaguar -03A adapters.

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SH51-02C Corvette 24 Gbps Data/Video Optical Engine

The Corvette -02C optical engine supports 24 Gbps uni-directional data PLUS 1.25 Gbps bi-directional comm/control for a truly versatile interconnect solution.

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