Optical Pioneers

Inneos began as a start-up called Blaze Network Products in 1998, founded on the premise of inventing and commercializing a low-cost version of a high-bandwidth optical solution. In 1999, Blaze invented Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM), a technology that deploys multiple, specific wavelengths of light on a single fiber strand to increase the speed and distance of fiber optic solutions.

The concept of multichannel optics was not new, but it was prohibitively expensive for commercial or consumer use. Blaze’s approach significantly lowered the cost by spacing wavelength channels farther apart.

Blaze secured several early patents on CWDM optical designs, coined the term Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing, and developed the manufacturing processes associated with the technology. Today, CWDM is widely used in both datacom and videocom to expand the bandwidth and data that can be transmitted on each fiber.

A History in Ingenuity

For nearly 15 years, the American company focused on the high-definition optical video market, developing high quality products that meet the stringent requirements of medical, broadcast, and professional AV markets. Focusing on designing and manufacturing high-performance optical products allowed the company to expand into adjacent niche markets, such as industrial and military applications, where quality is key and optical video had distinct advantages over copper cables.

Blaze Network Products was acquired by Omron Network Products in 2010, where the company continued to grow and expand international sales. In 2013, management was able buy back the company, renaming it Inneos. The name Inneos is a contraction of the words “Innovation” and “Eos”, the Greek goddess of the dawn, which embodies our commitment to innovating with light.

In a bid to further enhance the team’s ability to design and manufacture innovative photonic solutions, Inneos acquired Zephyr Photonics in 2017, a US-based research and development company that specialized in highly robust vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) and active optical cables (AOC) for military, aeronautical, and space applications.

With an even greater combined portfolio that included VCSELs and optical modules designed for military aircraft, satellites, aircraft carriers, and other harsh environment applications, Inneos was able to support an even wider variety of mission-critical applications.

Shaping Optical Excellence

Today, Inneos has three product families: components (VCSELs and Photodetectors), optical engines (modules), and optical extenders (turnkey). These products have found applications where performance, security, and safety are of utmost importance.

At its core, Inneos is comprised of optics and photonics experts, dedicated to helping their customers to develop and deploy not just any solution, but the BEST solution for their application. Having a vertically integrated product portfolio enables Inneos to provide the right high-performance, high-quality optical components and subsystems, bringing the benefits of innovative photonic solutions to mission-critical applications.

US-Based Innovation

Inneos is proud to have component and module design and manufacturing in the US, with operations in both Pleasanton, CA and Zephyr Cove, NV. Inneos’s US-based manufacturing lines include many highly automated processes that allow Inneos to not only offer competitive pricing, but also maintain a proven track record of unwavering quality and steadfast customer support.

The Inneos team brings a wealth of experience in photonics system design and manufacturing to an ever-expanding range of applications, including automotive, industrial, and defense. Customers turn to Inneos because they help integrate the best optical solutions for their system.

Inneos is no longer just a company; it's become a beacon of innovation, a testament to expertise, and a partner in progress. As the team continues to illuminate new paths in the world of optics and photonics, its unwavering commitment to excellence remains the driving force.

With every challenge conquered, every solution pioneered, and every partnership forged, Inneos inches closer to a future where the possibilities of light are harnessed to their fullest potential.