Why Fiber? Why Now?

Optical interconnects create new possibilities

Shedding light on optical interconnects

Optical interconnects enable a system to transmit digital data streams over optical cables (AKA fiber optic cables or just fiber). Unlike electrical interconnects that transmit signals over copper wires, optical interconnects contain active components like lasers, lenses, receivers, and electronic drivers to convert the signal to light that can travel down a fiber optic cable. Inneos demystifies optical interconnects so that you can confidently take your connectivity to the next level.

The Copper Cliff

Copper cables have been used for generations, but their usage has fallen off a cliff because the bandwidth needed now has exceeded the capabilities of copper. Optical cables provide all the bandwidth needed for today's cutting-edge technology and generations to come.

Video Over Fiber

Video over fiber is coming with the high data rates for 4K, 8K, and beyond. But don't worry, fiber is easier than ever to deploy! A whole host of fiber connectivity options are available to meet virtually any video over fiber solution requirements.