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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Real4K Extenders and Adapters


IR Cable Information

R4K-IRB Setup Guide

R4K-IRB Information


Firmware Updates for BJK-0, RK4-0, -03A Extenders

Fast Executable Updater

Executable Updater Manual

3.3.0 Executable Update Package (10/19/20)

3.3.0 Executable Update Package – Direct (10/19/20)


Legacy GUI Bootloader Updater

GUI Bootloader Updater & Manual

3.3.0 GUI Bootloader Hex Files (10/19/20)


Please contact tech support for earlier firmware versions


Firmware Updates for BPK-XT, R4K-XT, -03B Extenders

Source End: TX uC v2.0.0 + FPGA v1.2.11 (12/3/20)

Display End: None


End-User License Agreement

Inneos End-User License Agreement (EULA)