Inneos' WaveStacker™ Technology

Multiple wavelengths of light stacked onto a single fiber

Single Fiber Solution

Different wavelengths of light can use the same fiber without interfering with one another much like different channels on the radio spectrum can operate without interference. Inneos’ WaveStacker technology uses 6 different wavelengths of light to stack 4 data channels and 2 channels for a bi-directional backchannel, all onto a single fiber.

WaveStacker Optic Technology

WaveStacker technology uses just one fiber to simultaneously transmit and receive multiple channels, without any worry about interference. This is possible using different wavelengths of light for each channel. Learn more about this technology in this video.

Fully Integrated Optical Subsystems (OSAs)

On-board drivers and amplifiers, ESD protection, a heat sink, and EMI shield. We combine more optical elements into our optical subassemblies than any other supplier, giving you smaller packages and bigger performance.

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