Take Your Connectivity to the Next Level

Interconnects Designed and Manufactured in the USA


Tough enough for the military. Fast enough for the cloud. Our VCSELs are built to endure wide temperature ranges, high shock and vibration, contaminants, and other adverse conditions. Our high-temperature capabilities allow our VCSELs to be integrated into a wide range of high-performance applications for wavelengths from 850nm to 1000nm.

WaveStacker CWDM Optics

More data, less cost. Our patented coarse-wave division multiplexing (CWDM) technology enables us to place up to eight wavelengths of light on a single strand of fiber. So you can deliver up to 8x more data, without the added cost, weight, or complexity of other optical technologies.

Design & Foundry Services

Our legacy is in aerospace and defense, so our design teams have the expertise and know-how to push the limits of device performance. Let us help you take your interconnects to the next level.

A fiber optic cable with different colored fibers coming out. On a dark blue background.

Highly Automated Manufacturing

It’s the small details that give us a big advantage. We’ve spent more than 15 years refining our manufacturing processes, techniques, and equipment to deliver micron-level accuracy and complete reliability.

Patent Portfolio

Inneos is founded on a culture of innovation. We hold 10 patents for key processes in optical technology—including coarse-wave division multiplexing—and continue to bring new possibilities to light.