SH51-02M Barracuda Embedded Optical Subsystem

Easy integration of optical HDMI 2.0 for faster time to market

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SH51-02M Barracuda Optical Subsystem for HDMI

The SH51-02M (Barracuda) is an optical communication subsystem that transmits full HDMI 2.0b over a single fiber optic cable, including all DDC, CEC, EDID, and HDCP, allowing for HDMI links up to 1000m. The transmitter and receiver modules include high-speed data channels supporting up to 18 Gbps data rates PLUS a bidirectional side-band channel (one in each direction), all on a single multimode fiber. With integrated drivers and amplifiers, the subsystems eliminate the need for in-house optoelectronic design expertise for your HDMI extender and matrix switch applications.

Barracuda modules can also communicate with Inneos’ SH51-03A Tx and Rx HDMI Optical Adapters, allowing for a full range of interoperable Real4K™ system solutions.

Product Brief


  • Full UHD 4K 4:4:4, 60 frames per second video transmission
  • Supports both HDMI 1.x and HDMI 2.0 signals
  • Single fiber operation for all video, content protection and maintenance data
  • Supports both HDCP 2.2 and HDCP 1.4 content protection
  • Integrated safety feature turns off lasers when an open fiber is detected
  • Supports 50-micron OM3 or OM4 fiber with an SC Connector interface
  • Allows FCC Class B compliance at customer end product level
  • Fully interoperable with the Inneos SH51-03A HDMI optical adapter modules

Features & Benefits


4K Uncompressed HDMI

Uncompressed 18 Gbps video

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Compatible with Real4K Adapters

Drop-in optoelectronic HDMI module

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