SH51-01 Optical Subsystem

A complete optical subsystem for next-level connectivity

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SH51-01 Puma Optical Subsystem Assembled on a PCA

SH51-01 Puma Optical Subsystem

The SH51-01 optical subsystem supports up to 24 Gbps uni-directional data transmission, at 4 x 6 Gbps per channel, PLUS a 150 MHZ bi‑directional communication channel over just one multimode fiber up to 1000m. The WaveStacker optic has a robust SC optical interface, and a zero-insertion force flex circuit provides a flexible form-factor to support small optical designs. The SH51-01 Puma optical subsystem brings the benefits of optical interconnects to any system design with a simple optical interface for faster time to market.

Product Brief


  • 24 Gbps (4 x 6 Gbps) high-speed data/video and a 150 MHz low-speed bi-di link over a single multimode fiber
  • Low-stress, highly flexible ZIF connection provides a robust mechanical design
  • Interconnect distances up to 1000m/3300ft
  • Supports 50-micron OM3 or OM4 fiber with an SC Connector interface
  • Allows FCC Class B compliance at customer end product level

Features & Benefits

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Perfect for Video - High-Speed Data + Control Back Channel

Optical Design Complete for Faster Time to Market

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Small Size for Integrated Applications

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