SR51 Optical Subassembly

Simplify connectivity with the NEW SR51 Raptor

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SR51 Optical Subassembly

Unlock the Power of the NEW SH51 Raptor Optical Subassembly: Seamless Integration for Superior Connectivity

This small, lightweight, complete optical subsystem offers uncompressed 4K and 8K video, using only one fiber for maximum flexibility and minimal size. Perfect for medical displays, endoscopes, robotics, surveillance cameras, and many other applications where performance and reliability are mission-critical.  

The Raptor OSA is the ideal solution for optical video systems, with native uncompressed video transmission over just one industry-standard fiber for complete security with full resolution video connectivity up to 3,300 ft for 4K video and 1,000 ft for 8k video. 

Product Brief

What is an optical subassembly or OSA?

In the realm of modern technology, optical subassemblies (OSAs) play a pivotal role in facilitating the transmission of data through optical fiber networks. An optical subassembly does the electrical-to-optical signal conversion, and is a crucial component within optical transceivers, modules, and other devices that utilize optical communication technology.

These components typically include lasers, photodiodes, lenses, filters, and other elements necessary for transmitting and receiving optical signals effectively. By combining these components into a compact and efficient assembly, OSAs enable the conversion of electrical signals into optical signals for transmission and vice versa. Advantages include high reliability, scalability, and low power consumption.

With the SR51 Subassembly, you can unlock the full potential of optical engine technology and revolutionize the way you transmit data. Whether you’re in the medical, industrial, or telecommunications field, the SR51 Raptor empowers you to achieve unrivaled performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Key Features of the SR51 Subassembly

  • Superior Speed and Bandwidth: The SR51 Raptor Optical Subassembly achieves lightning-fast data transmission speeds and exceptional bandwidth capacity for full-rate, uncompressed 8K video transmission. Experience seamless connectivity and the ability to handle even the most demanding data-intensive applications with ease.
  • Cutting-Edge Optical Module Technology: The SR51 Subassembly incorporates advanced optical module technology, ensuring optimal performance. The simple plug-and-play optical engine provides crystal-clear video along with communication and control with no need to configure display or network settings. Benefit from fast data transmission and superior data quality, even over long distances.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, the SR51 Subassembly seamlessly integrates into various system designs, environments, and applications. It can be easily customized to meet your specific requirements, offering a hassle-free integration process.
  • Compact and Efficient Design: Leveraging the power of a fiber optical engine, the SR51 Subassembly delivers exceptional performance while maintaining a compact and power-efficient design. No need for SERDES, video compression algorithms, or sacrificing video quality – the Raptor subassembly handles the bandwidth with ease. Maximize your space utilization and energy efficiency without compromising on performance.
  • Future-Proof Technology: The SR51 Subassembly is designed to accommodate future advancements in data transmission. With its forward-looking architecture, you can stay ahead of the curve and adapt to emerging technologies, ensuring long-term compatibility and investment protection.

Features & Benefits

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Extremely small design for easy integration

Faster time to market - complete optoelectronic design

Enables long-distance, EMI-immune interconnects

Industry standard fiber & connectors


  • 48 Gbps high-speed data and a bidirectional 2.5 Gbps side-band channel
  • Capable of HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.x SuperSpeed 10 Gbps signals, and more
  • Accepts standard SC-terminated 50-micron fiber
  • Allows for high-speed, long-distance, EMI-immune optical links
  • All data multiplexed onto just one multimode fiber
  • Single fiber solution reduces cost and complexity of fiber interface

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