Fiber Interconnect Solutions for Medical Applications

Plug-and-Play Convenience

The modern hybrid operating room (OR) needs a video connectivity solution that is high resolution yet simple, secure, and plug-and-play so that OR setup time is reduced while still supporting the 4K and even 8K video systems needed to ensure minimal latency and maximum resolution for best patient outcomes. 

Streamline equipment design with fast and easy integration of a fiber-pluggable WaveStacker module so you can deliver the uncompromising performance your customers demand.

Wavestacker Optics

Streamline Connectivity

Simplify your setup with just one fiber needed for seamless video transmission. With support for up to 1000m for 4K and 300m for 8K, Inneos optical subsystems offer extended reach without sacrificing quality, and easy integration from robotic surgical suites and endoscopy systems directly to medical displays. Plus, its EMI immunity guarantees reliable performance that is so critical in the operating room. 

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Crystal Clear Video in the Operating Room

Experience full resolution, uncompressed video streaming that preserves every critical detail without loss due to compression. With Inneos optical subsystems, you can trust that your imaging remains pristine and accurate, ensuring confident diagnoses and treatment decisions. Superb reliability and performance along with ease of integration offer a high-performance design solution that can be easily routed through boom arms and other tight spaces often encountered in the hybrid operating room.

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Enhance Security and Optimize Network Bandwidth

Safeguard patient data with native video connectivity that bypasses IP networks. By keeping your video data isolated, the Inneos optical subsystems ensure data security and confidentiality, meeting the stringent requirements of medical privacy regulations. Plus, this also reduces network congestion and maintains efficient data flow for localized video distribution.

By eliminating the need to compress and transmit video data over the network, you free up bandwidth for other critical operations, ensuring smooth performance across your entire infrastructure. 

Trusted Quality

Rest assured with Inneos optical subsystems, which are designed and assembled in the USA. We have developed the most sophisticated equipment, techniques, and processes to achieve a highly automated precision assembly process. With stringent quality control measures in place, our optical subassembly meets the highest standards for medical applications. Plus, our dedicated customer support team is readily available to assist you whenever you need it.

Let our experienced team help you choose the product to take your connectivity to the next level.