Interconnect Solutions for Medical

WaveStacker Optic

Our IEC 60601-capable subsystems use WaveStacker technology with just one fiber for both 4K video and high-speed data. When every detail is crucial, WaverStacker optics provide fully uncompressed video over EMI-immune fiber. Easily route high-speed signals through boom arms and other tight spaces with WaveStacker’s one-fiber technology.


Streamline equipment design with fast and easy integration of a fiber-pluggable WaveStacker module so you can deliver the uncompromising performance your customers demand.

Wavestacker Optics

WaveStacker Optics in the Operating Room

Superb reliability and performance along with ease of integration offer a high-performance design solution using Inneos optics for a medical application.

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Whitepaper: The Compression Compromise

Video over IP and Ethernet only support up to 10 Gbps but full-featured HDMI 2.0 requires 18 Gbps. This may be acceptable for home theater applications, but in the operating room when the video quality is of utmost importance, can you afford to make the compression compromise?

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Compressed vs Uncompressed Video

VCSEL component

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

We have developed the most sophisticated equipment, techniques, and processes to achieve a highly automated precision assembly process. Micron-level accuracy in X-Y positioning and tightly-controlled “tilt” angles are just a few key technologies of Inneos’ sophisticated manufacturing and assembly processes.

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