Interconnect Solutions for Industrial

WaveStacker Optical Interconnects

Our WaveStacker optic is a technology that opens a whole new range of opportunities for industrial applications – just one fiber provides up to 24 Gbps of uni-directional data, perfect for video and machine vision, plus up to 1.25 Gbps bi-directional comm and control.

WaveStacker VCSELs

High reliability and wide operating temperature range WaveStacker VCSELs enable optical interconnects in harsh-environment industrial applications, where temperature ranges can be far beyond a controlled commercial environment.


Inneos VCSELs are designed and manufactured in the USA and go through an extensive design verification and qualification program because we know that quality is critical for your application.

VCSEL components

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Case Study: Embedded Modules for Defense Application

Industrial applications have similar requirements for reliability and harsh environment performance as defense applications. Read how companies rely on our WaveStacker modules to implement AdvancedTCA in systems deployed for defense applications.

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VCSELs for Satellites

Inneos WaveStacker VCSELs have been designed and qualified for the high-reliability harsh environment of space, so you can rest assured that our VCSELs will meet your demanding field conditions.

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Inneos VCSELs Satellite Qualification

VCSEL manufacturing photo

Manufactured in the USA

We developed sophisticated equipment, techniques, and processes to achieve a highly automated precision assembly process and tightly controlled quality. We build our own products in our own facilities right here in the USA.

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