24 Gbps Embedded optical engine

24 Gbps optical subsystem

WaveStacker Optical Interconnects

WaveStacker is our scalable optical technology platform that uses just one fiber for all video channels to provide full-resolution video from an integrated port using an industry-standard fiber. Real4K subsystems and optical engines are integrated into platforms today, and WaveStacker technology scales to 8K and beyond using the same fiber.



The Copper Cliff

Don’t let the limitations of copper prevent your customers from taking full advantage of 8K video technology. High-resolution displays should always present the full, uncompressed video for the maximum viewing experience. But with the distance of copper cables limited to a few meters at 8K, many installers may be tempted to compromise video quality and use a compressed video link for ease of installation. 


There’s no need to compromise – an integrated WaveStacker subsystem provides a directly pluggable fiber port capable of full 8K. Using an industry-standard SC connector and common multimode fiber, installation is easy and fast. 



Speed vs Distance Data Rates

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