Short Wave CWDM Subsystems for High Definition Video:

  • Full HD, 4K UHD, 8K UHD

Inneos develops highly-integrated optoelectronic subsystems that help manufacturers expedite delivery of new feature-rich products to the markets they serve.  Customers are using our products to create UHD video switches and extenders for HDMI™, SDI and DVI.

Watch how Inneos uses Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing, (CWDM) to multiplex up to eight wavelengths and transmit them over a single fiber.

In House Design and Manufacturing Expertise:

  • World’s leading developer and supplier of integrated CWDM products
  • 13 years creating and developing CWDM technologies
  • Only manufacturer able to integrate ferrule & lenses into filter based optics
  • Capable of standard or custom designs
  • Primary Factory (Pleasanton, CA)


It’s all about converting complex electronics into clean optical signals and using patented Short Wave CWDM technology to place up to eight wavelengths of light on a single fiber. That’s the role of a high-performance Inneos optical engine, which combines with exceptional functional integration and micron-level assembly in an integrated subsystem that allows system designers to optimize performance and reduce costs in their own world-class system designs. Read more...

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