SX4 Optical Subsystem

Simplify connectivity with a 14 Gbps optical interconnect over just one fiber

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SX4 Optical Subsystem

The SX4 is an optical subsystem that provides 14 Gbps (4 x 3.5 Gbps) video or data Tx or Rx lanes all multiplexed onto just one multimode fiber. The Tx subsystem includes a four-channel laser diode driver (LDD) with pre-programmed laser settings for optimal link performance over the full temperature range. The Rx subsystem includes an integrated transimpedance and limiting amplifier (TIA) to provide a robust output with excellent optical input sensitivity. The subsystems feature a ZIF-terminated flex circuit and optical SC fiber interface for easy assembly and manufacturing test. Let Inneos handle the optoelectronics so you can focus on the performance of your high-speed data link.

Product Brief


  • 4 High-speed data channels over one multimode fiber
  • On-board driver/receiver electronics control all transmitter/receiver settings for simple plug-and-play operation
  • Low-stress, highly flexible ZIF connection provides a robust mechanical design
  • Standard SC optical interface
  • Allows for high-speed, long-distance, EMI-immune optical links
  • Single fiber solution reduces cost and complexity of fiber interface

Features & Benefits

Extremely small design for easy integration

Faster time to market - complete optoelectronic design

Enables long-distance, EMI-immune interconnects

Industry standard fiber & connectors

Let our experienced design team help you choose the right subsystem for your optical interconnect solution.