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Inneos Launches Real4K™ 18Gbps Optical Adapter

Unique solution delivers the bandwidth to see 4K “the way it was meant to be seen”

PLEASANTON, Calif. –  June 7, 2017 – Inneos today announced the launch of its Real4K™ Optical Adapter and Cables incorporating HDMI® technology.  Real4K™ Optical Adapters convert electrical HDMI signals to optical signals to deliver 18Gbps up to 1000 meters (typical), 400 meters worst case using standard multimode fiber.   

“Some interconnect solutions attempt to deliver 4K video with 10Gbps of bandwidth, but this lower bandwidth requires visible compromises in video quality.  Signals are compressed and the frame rate, color depth, or features like HDR are reduced or disabled to fit 18Gbps of signal through a 10Gbps pipe.” said Brian Peters, Inneos CEO. He continues, “Our Real4K™ Optical Adapters provide the full bandwidth needed for 4K/60, 4:4:4 and HDR.  We strongly believe that cables should never force users to sacrifice video quality.”

Real4K Optical Adapters use “course wavelength division multiplexing” or CWDM technology to combine the output of multiple lasers onto a single fiber.  This same technology is used to deliver maximum bandwidth in telecom and data centers.

Standard Fiber Can Be Field Terminated

Inneos Real4K Optical Adapters use standard multimode fiber (OM3 or OM4) which can be cut to length and terminated in the field in minutes.  This means installers can use existing fiber or run their own fiber without having to pull bulky connectors or stash excess cable behind walls. 

Easy Upgrade to 8K

Inneos’ unique architecture, consisting of separate adapters using standard fiber, offers an easy upgrade path to 8K video when the time comes.  Future Real8K™ Optical Adapters can be simply plugged into the existing fiber in place of the Real4K adapters and will transmit 48G of bandwidth up to 500 meters (typical), 250 meters worst case.

New Inneos Distribution Partners
Inneos does not sell directly to end customers or dealers, but is establishing a new distribution channel to offer Real4K Optical Adapters to resellers, dealers, and installers. Check out our Distributors to learn more.


Visit us at Infocomm, June 14-16, 2017, in Orlando

Come see a demonstration of Inneos’ Real4K™ Optical Adapter and Cables at InfoComm 2017, Booth 1380.


About Inneos

Inneos is a vertically integrated provider of optical solutions for Videocom and Datacom.  Inneos started in 1998 as Blaze Network Products, a pioneer of Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) technology.  In 2005, the company was acquired by Omron and later bought out by management to become Inneos.  In 2017, Inneos merged with Zephyr Photonics, a manufacturer of robust lasers and active optical cables for defense and space applications.  Inneos designs and manufactures its products in the USA.


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