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Inneos Introduces InvisiCable™

Real4K™ solutions enable installers to hide HDMI cables in plain sight

PLEASANTON, Calif. – April 2, 2018 – Inneos has introduced InvisiCable™, a new type of HDMI optical cabling solution that combines Real4K™ optical performance with groundbreaking aesthetics.  InvisiCable uses a proprietary optical technology that combines multiple wavelengths of light onto a single strand of ultralight translucent SSF® fiber optic cable that looks and feels like monofilament fishing line.  Installers can now offer their customers the performance of 18Gbps uncompressed video with the aesthetic advantages of a nearly invisible cable.

“The promise of Video over Fiber is not just about incredible bandwidth over longer distances,” said Todd Whitaker, SVP Sales and Marketing at Inneos. “It’s about making big ugly HDMI cable messes simply disappear.”  

Hiding cables in plain sight

In the era of copper cables, the only choice for hiding big fat copper cables was to punch holes in the wall behind your AV equipment and pull the cables through the walls and ceiling.  In older buildings where walls were constructed of brick or concrete, the task of hiding cables was even more difficult. Enter the era of fiber optics where a single fiber the width of a human hair can carry hundreds of gigabits per second of information.  Inneos’ InvisiCable technology enables installers and users to literally hide cables in plain sight. At 6 feet away, an InvisiCable becomes difficult to discern against a wall. The ultra-thin translucent cable can also be installed completely out of sight on top of or along baseboards or on top of lintels.  

Embedding fiber in the surface of dry wall
Installers have become accustomed to the labor-intensive effort of punching through walls to install cables.  The ultralight, non-conductive InvisiCable fiber is so thin that installers can simply score the drywall, lay in the fiber, tape and paint.  Embedding fiber is much easier than punching through walls and it can save installers time and their customer’s money.

InvisiCable comes in two varieties; an “In Room” solution and a “Through Wall” solution.

InvisiCable “In Room” Solution

The Inneos InvisiCable “In Room” Solution is intended to simplify the cabling installation when the video source and display are located in the same room.  This solution includes 75 feet of InvisiCable on our “magic disk” spindle and a set of our award winning Real4K Optical Adapters.  InvisiCable fiber is so small that the magic disk with 75 feet of cable fits into the palm of your hand (2.75 inches x 0.7 inches) and weighs less than 3 ounces.  

InvisiCable “Through Wall” Solution

The Inneos InvisiCable “Through Wall” Solution is intended for installations where the video source and the displays are located in separate rooms or a long distance apart.  This solution uses InvisiCable for the “in room” portions of the installation (connecting from the wall plate to the source and display) as well as heavier duty “in wall” fiber to be pulled between rooms.  This solution includes two (2) 10-foot InvisiCable fibers plus two (2) optical wall plates, plus 100 feet of “in wall” fiber. All the fiber is pre-terminated so installers don’t have to know anything about fiber to use these solutions.

The Inneos InvisiCable “In Room” Solution has an MSRP of $799 (dealer cost of $479).  The Inneos InvisiCable “Through Wall” Solution has an MSRP is $899 (dealer cost of $539).  Inneos products can be obtained from authorized distributors who can be found on the Inneos website.


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