Video Production Interconnects

HDMI 2.0 Extender Module

HDMI 2.0 Adapter Module

Real4K Optical Extender

Built for the studio, ready for the big screen.

See 4K the way it was meant to be seen. Our Real4K™ WaveStacker technology eliminates bottlenecks and resolution loss in video production networks. Instantly delivering 4K content across the studio, so editors can create stunning big-screen experiences.

Whitepaper: Real4K Goes Head-to-Head

Video over IP and HDBaseT claim to support 4K HDMI, but that comes with some caveats… are you willing to accept the sacrificed video quality? See the difference as Real4K goes head-to-head with Video over IP and HDBaseT.

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Fiber Bandwidth-Distance HDMI Video

Why Video Over Fiber?

Take your connectivity to the next level using WaveStacker optics – Learn about the benefits of video over fiber, including distances up to 3300 ft, EMI immunity, and easy termination in the field with Real4K optical extenders.

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