WaveStacker Optics for Pro A/V

Our line of extenders and adapter use WaveStacker, a technology that needs just one fiber for many channels, so there is no need to use serialization or compression that could compromise video quality or cause latency issues for your extender solutions. With WaveStacker, each video channel is simply transmitted exactly as it is received on its own separate optical channel. Plus integrators can install and field-terminate industry-standard fiber just as fast as category cable, making the transition to fiber easy for your customers. The days of compromising performance for ease of deployment are over!

Real4K Optical Extender Guide

Still have questions about video over fiber solutions? Check out the Real4K Optical Extender Guide. It has everything you want to know about fiber, termination, deployment options, and performance… all in one place because Real4K Changes Everything!

Real4K Guide to Optical Extenders

photo of Optical Extender

Why Video Over Fiber?

Take your connectivity to the next level – Learn about the benefits of video over fiber, including distances up to 3300 ft, EMI immunity, and easy termination in the field with Real4K optical extenders.

Real4K Optical Extenders: Fast & Easy to Deploy

Real4K optical adapters are fast and easy to deploy while offering the best 4K HDMI video performance… uncompressed and uncompromised. Learn the tips for a quick and simple installation.

Compressed vs Uncompressed Video

Whitepaper: The Compression Compromise

Video over IP and Ethernet only supports up to 10 Gbps, but full-featured HDMI 2.0 requires 18 Gbps. Are you willing to accept the compression compromise, or do you want Real4K as it was meant to be seen?

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