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Real4K Optical Extender

Big expectations? No problem with WaveStacker Extenders.

Real4K™ video draws big crowds with rich, vivid content that looks great at any distance. Unlike copper coax—which drops pixels and color bits over longer cable runs—our multimode fiber optics let you stream 4K content across tradeshow booths and conference rooms without any performance loss. And our cables are easy to cut and terminate in the field, avoiding the cost and complexity of other fiber technologies.

Whitepaper: Real4K Goes Head-to-Head

Video over IP and HDBaseT claim to support 4K HDMI, but that comes with some caveats… are you willing to accept the sacrificed video quality for your events? See the difference as Real4K goes head-to-head with Video over IP and HDBaseT.

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Fiber Bandwidth-Distance HDMI Video

WaveStacker™ Optic

Our WaveStacker optic uses just one fiber for uncompressed 18 Gbps HDMI video at distances up to 1000m/3300ft. Real4K extenders use just one standard SC-terminated multimode fiber, so you have options for plenum, riser, and even armored fiber cables to fit your deployment environment. The ability to run cables up to 1000m/3300ft without compromising quality and quickly connect just one fiber eases deployment for your next event installation so you can save time and money.

Why Video Over Fiber?

Take your connectivity to the next level – Learn about the benefits of video over fiber, including distances up to 3300 ft/1000 m, EMI immunity, and easy termination in the field with Real4K optical extenders.

Real4K Optical Extenders: Fast & Easy to Deploy

Real4K optical adapters are fast and easy to deploy while offering the best 4K HDMI video performance… uncompressed and uncompromised. Learn the tips for a quick and simple installation.

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