4K has pushed copper cables to its limits

Invented in 1880, copper had a great run.

But the demands of modern high-speed applications have exposed its limits. The problem is simple: As data rates climb, copper transmission distance falls. For true 4K video (18Gbps)—which has almost 6 times the bit rate as HD—the maximum error-free distance is just 10 meters. Beyond that, resolution falls off a cliff, leaving consumers ultra disappointed.

HDBaseT runs over copper cables at a rate of 10.2Gbps. What happens to the other 8 Gbps of video data? The best 4K visual experience requires all of the data. Watch 4K content as it was meant to be seen.

Copper infographic

Learn about fiber.

Fiber has largely replaced copper across Telecom and Datacom networks. And now it’s coming to Videocom, to deliver Real4K, Real8K, and whatever else the future demands.


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