This is the way 4K was meant to be seen

The Real4K™ experience is a lot more than pixels.

High dynamic range (HDR), wide color gamut (WCG), high-definition audio—a lot goes into creating the beautiful, immersive experiences consumers expect. And it takes a lot of bandwidth to deliver it.

That’s why we invented our Real4K technology. It lets you stream 18Gbps up to 1000m (typ) of low-cost fiber. So you can deliver the best 4K experience. Anywhere.

4K image

No more resolution drop-off.

With Real4K, you’ll never worry about resolution falling off the way it does with copper coax. Our proprietary optical technology guarantees an 18Gbps data rate up to 1000m (typ). Ensuring that every last pixel is displayed in its full glory.

Multichannel optics. Singular cost savings

Use inexpensive multimode fiber and optical subsystems to extend your cable reach without stretching your budget.

Measure twice, cut once, and Terminate

Our HDMI Optical Cables can have the fiber cut to length or simply install your own multimode fiber and connect it up.

See The Difference Real4K Makes