Fast and scalable, fiber optics is ready for what’s next. Are you?

The Start of a New Era

Change is coming, the fiber transition is inevitable. As consumers and businesses upgrade to 4K and 8K TVs, they’ve begun to replace old copper interconnects with high-speed fiber links.

Fiber Options: Pro AV Installers Prefer Multimode Fiber

Parallel Optical Cables

Parallel optical cables are a collection of individual fibers bundled together into a thicker cable. It allows more bandwidth because each fiber can carry a lower speed signal further and they can be combined at the end to get a higher bandwidth. Parallel optical cables can not be terminated in the field becuase of the complexity of multiple fibers.

Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)

SMF is made from glass and has a very small (9µm) core. Offering virtually unlimited bandwidth and transmission distances over 1km, it’s well-suited for telecommunications applications. But its tiny core is virtually impossible to field terminate without signal attenuation. Meaning end users are forced to buy it fixed lengths and then hide the excess cable.

Multimode Fiber (MMF)

MMF offers the best of both worlds. Like SMF, it’s made of glass and offers extremely high bandwidths. Yet the MMF core is large enough (50µm, or more) that users can easily field terminate it themselves. Plus, with multichannel optics from Inneos, you’re able to use the same fiber to deliver Real4K™ today as you’ll need for Real8K™ tomorrow.

Get More Out of Your Fiber with CWDM

With Inneos, you don’t need to run multiple fibers or deal with expensive, difficult-to-terminate parallel ribbon fiber. Our patented CWDM technology enables you to send an amazing amount of data over a single strand of multimode fiber. So your infrastructure is able to handle 4K, 8K, and whatever else the future holds.

Real4K™ Solutions From Inneos

Fast, flexible, and affordable. Use multimode fiber, and discover 4K the way it was meant to be seen.