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Modular design using standard fiber

Standard Multimode Fiber and Connectors

The data com industry pioneered standards for fiber optic cables and the rise of massive data centers drove the volume to solidify the supply chain for multimode fiber. There are three grades of multimode fiber currently in mass production OM2, OM3, and OM4. They have increasing performance characteristics (bandwidth over distance) with OM2 typically running 100 meters (300 feet) and OM4 running 1000 meters (3300 ft.) when transmitting an 18Gbps signal.


There are two primary connector types (SC & LC).


SC connectors are larger and LC connectors are smaller (high density).


There are many different providers of optical wall plates that use SC connectors.

Here are a few optical wall plates that we like:


Application Specific Types of Fiber

Over the last 20 years, there has been a great deal of innovation in the design of fiber. Inneos Real4K Optical Adapters work with all types of standard multimode fiber using standard SC connectors.

source: Cleerline

Commercial Fiber (in wall rated)

The most common type of fiber is standard, plenum-rated fiber which can be used to pull through conduit and walls.

source: Cleerline

Invisible Fiber (for in room use)

A new type of fiber from Cleerline (and others) is ultra-thin (900 micron) and ultra-light with a translucent cover which makes it very difficult to see against a wall. This fiber can be used inside of a room without having to open up walls to hide it. Inneos’ InvisiCable Solutions make use of this unique fiber from Cleerline.

source: Cleerline

Armored Fiber (for outside and hostile environments)

Armored fiber is built to withstand significant force by using Kevlar jackets and hard frame covers.

Modular Designs

Inneos Real4K Optical Adapter use standard multimode fiber (all types) and SC connectors. Designers can use multiple types of fiber in a single link using standard SC connectors to “snap” segments together.

For illustration purposes, a perfectly valid design would be using 10 feet of invisible fiber inside an AV closet connected to an SC wall plate.

Connected inside the wall using the SC connector would be 100 feet of plenum-rated fiber brought to an outside wall.

Another wall plate and armored fiber outside on a patio to an outdoor rated 4K TV.

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