Real4K™ Adapters with Commercial Fiber

Enables installers to mix and match different types of fiber

Inneos Real4K™ Optical Adapters

Our adapters are the AV industry’s first 18 Gbps video solution to use only a single industry standard multimode fiber and support uncompressed 4K/60/4:4:4 and 4K with HDR including Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG, plus CEC, EDID and HDCP. Our unique Wavestacker™ technology uses multiple lasers operating at different wavelengths of light to create 6 optical communication channels on a single fiber. This single fiber approach is the ultimate in fiber efficiency and enables installers to terminate and repair fiber in the field as well as mix and match different fiber types such as invisible fiber for indoors, plenum-rated fiber for in-wall installations, and armored fiber for outdoor applications.

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Real4K™ Optical Adapter Kits with Pre-Terminated Fiber

Real4K adapter kits with pre-terminated fiber combines all the benefits of the Real4K HDMI Optical Adapters with Inneos' fiber cables designed specifically for the AV market. The black, OM4 plenum rated fiber cables are pre-terminated with SC connectors so installers can simply pull the cable, plug in the adapters and enjoy the beauty of uncompressed, 4K video.

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Application Specific Fiber - Choose The Fiber Your Project Needs

Inneos Real4K Optical Adapters work with all types of standard multimode fiber using standard SC connectors and support lengths up to 1000m, so you can choose and install the fiber your project needs and just connect the basic adapter kit.

The most common type of commercial fiber is standard, plenum-rated fiber which can be used to pull through conduit and walls. These fiber cables include a Kevlar strength member so they are tough and rugged enough to be pulled just like copper category cable. Armored fiber is built to withstand significant force by including a stainless steel covering over the fiber cable and is suitable for outdoor fiber runs and harsh environments.

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