SH51-02C Corvette

High-speed performance for any application

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The SH51-02C Corvette is an optical communication subsystem that transmits up to 24 Gbps of data (4 x 6 Gbps) PLUS includes a bidirectional side-band channel for control and communication, all on a single multimode fiber. The module has a simple plug-down design and accepts a standard SC optical connector. With integrated drivers and amplifiers, the SH51-02C eliminates the need for in-house optical design expertise for all your DVI, HDMI, machine vision and other high-speed solutions.


  • Four data lanes at 6 Gbps each for 24 Gbps data links
  • Bidirectional side-band channel supports up to 1.25 Gbps full-duplex communication
  • All data multiplexed onto a single multimode fiber
  • Accepts standard SC-terminated 50-micron fiber
  • Allows FCC Class B compliance at customer end product level

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