HDMI over fiber delivers the best HD experience, anywhere.

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Full 1080p, with every bit of color, as far as a kilometer away.

Don’t let your 1080p system fall short. Our HD Embedded Optical Module gives you a drop-in replacement for copper-based HDMI ports. So you can send HDMI signals, including Deep Color, over long distances without signal degradation or compression. It’s the clear choice for retail environments, corporate campuses, and other applications where you need to deliver 1080p over long cable runs.


  • 5 transmit lanes and 1 receive lane over 1 multimode fiber
  • Compatible with HDMI™-compliant sources and sinks
  • Scalable to 16-bit color
  • On-board hardware and firmware for HDCP/EDID/CEC functionality
  • Accepts TMDS inputs directly into 40-pin plug-down connector
  • Automatic laser disable upon fiber disconnect for eye safety

Features & Benefits

The Inneos Advantage

Proprietary multichannel optics let you deliver HDMI with Deep Color over up to 1000m of low-cost fiber.

Easy to Install

Module provides drop-in simplicity, and allows use of Inneos’ field-adjustable optical cables to ease end-system installation.

Built for HDMI

Includes all hardware and firmware needed for HDCP/EDID/CEC functionality and TMDS inputs.

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