24 Gbps gives you ample performance. Protocol flexibility gives you plenty of options.

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Built for whatever you can imagine.

Have a need for speed? The Real4K™ HDMI Embedded Optical Module leverages Inneos’ patented multichannel optics to deliver 24 Gbps over 1000m (typ) of low-cost multimode fiber. That’s more than enough bandwidth for DisplayPort 1.2, Ultra-HD (UHD), and other high-speed applications. This fully integrated plug-down module includes drivers and amplifiers, eliminating the need for in-house optical design expertise. Simply choose the protocol you need, and then drop the subsystem into your design. It’s that easy.





  • Single multimode fiber supports all optical channels
  • Compatible with HDMITM 2.0  and DisplayPort 1.2 signals
  • Four high-speed 6.0 Gbps optical channels
  • Bi-directional 1.25 Gbps for full-duplex communication
  • Allows FCC Class B compliance of end product



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Features & Benefits

The Real4K™ Advantage

Proprietary multichannel optics let you deliver 24 Gbps over 1000m (typ) of multimode fiber.

Protocol Flexibility

Ample bandwidth for DisplayPort 1.2, UHD signals, and other high-speed applications

Faster Time to Market

Fully integrated plug-down module integrates drivers and amplifiers.

Flexible Installation

Real4K™ Optical Cables can be cut and terminated in the field for simpler, cleaner installation.

Future-Proof Cabling

Real4K™ installations use standard multimode fiber capable of transmitting 8K signals, making your cabling infrastructure future proof. See Real8K™ solutions.