Real4K™ Optical Adapters

Optical adapters are a unique product that uses standard optical fiber



Full 4K resolution, with complete installation flexibility.

Inneos’ Real4K Optical Adapters are an award winning 18G optical solution that is “designed for deployment”. Run fiber the same way you install category cabling and then connect Real4K Optical Adapters wherever you need them. Unlike fixed length optical cables, Real4K Optical Adapters connect using standard multimode fiber, which can be pulled and terminated in the field. Standard SC connectors and inexpensive optical wall plates make this a better way to deploy 4K video.

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Features & Benefits

The Real4K™ Advantage

Proprietary multichannel optics deliver 18Gbps over 1000m typical (400m worst case). This means 4K/60Hz, 4:4:4, and HDR support without compression, resolution limitations, or visual compromises.

Multimode Fiber Can Be Field Terminated

Unlike other fiber solutions, multimode fiber (OM3 or OM4) can be pulled and field terminated to the desired length providing installers with unheard of flexibility.

Complete Solution

Includes HDMI transmitter and receiver, power cables, reference cable, and (optional) fixed-length OM4 fiber—everything you need to deliver a Real4K experience.

Future Proof Cabling

Real4K installations use standard multimode fiber capable of transmitting 8K signals, making your cabling infrastructure future proof. See Real8K™ solutions.

Ready for Private Label Branding

Private-label customization options enable you to change the housing or color to add your own branding.


  • Full 18Gbps supports 4K/60Hz, 4:4:4 color, and HDR support (1000m, typ; 400m, min)
  • Supports HDMI 1.x and HDMI 2.x signals for increased interoperability
  • HDMI 1.4 and HDCP 2.2 content protection ensures HDMI compliance
  • All communication, including video transport, HDCP, and maintenance operation, on one optical fiber
  • Open-fiber detection shuts down lasers for eye safety
  • Includes a single status LED to provide status and alerts for the connection

View our solutions using our adapters with pre-terminated fiber:

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