Shed weight and achieve EMI immunity with our ruggedized, Mil-Spec active optical cables (AOCs).

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Any protocol. Any mission. Our AOCs are ready for your toughest challenges.

Don’t let a weak link compromise your mission. Our Military-Grade AOCs are built to replace copper in demanding mil/aero applications. They’re faster, lighter, and more EMI resistant than copper links. And they’re easy to deploy, thanks to their use of standard copper connectors and ability to handle multiple protocols.

Features & Benefits

The Speed of Light

Send 40Gbps over up to 1000m of fiber without compression or signal loss.

Built for the Toughest Standards

EMI, temperature, shock and vibration. Our AOCs are qualified to the toughest Mil-STDs.

Support Multiple Protocols

Reduce harness weight by replacing copper with an AOC capable of supporting multiple protocols.

Drop-in Simplicity

Our AOCs use rugged copper interconnects to seamlessly interface with existing subsystems and improve reliability.

Superior Weight Savings

Lightweight fiber, plus multiprotocol capabilities, can reduce harness weight by up to 70% (vs. copper).

Need Something Custom?

Inneos can design optical interconnect solutions to support a wide range of protocols, so let us help you with your VCSEL, PIN, TOSA/ROSA, or AOC design solution.