Real4K™ Adapter Kits with Pre-Terminated Fiber

Complete kits include either plenum fiber or InvisiCable™

Plenum Fiber Solutions

Real4K Optical Adapters or Extenders can use installed fiber (already in the wall) or pre-terminated fiber can installed by the integrator. To make things easier, Inneos offers bundles with pre-terminated lengths of fiber. Plenum rated fiber has higher pull strength and is designed to be used inside commercial or residential walls.


InvisiCable™ Solutions

InvisiCable kit solutions include Real4K Optical Adapters with nearly invisible fiber for use inside rooms, and plenum fiber for in the wall. Standard SC connectors and optical wall plates tie it all together for an ultra clean, aesthetically pleasing installation.


Features & Benefits

Revolutionary Aesthetics

No more ugly cable messes. Ultralight fiber optic cables reduce the clutter. Clean installs using standard connectors and wall plates. Invisible fiber disappears in plain sight.

The Real4K Advantage

WaveStacker™ technology enables 18Gbps over a single fiber at unprecedented distances (1000 meters). This means 4K/60Hz, 4:4:4, and HDR support without compression, resolution limitations, color space translation, or other visual compromises.

Unique Cable Management

Fiber is lighter and thinner than copper cables. It can also be field terminated in the same time it takes to terminate CAT5 copper cabling.

Modular Architecture, Standard Fiber

Industry standard connectors, wall plates, and fiber enable plug-and-play design using a variety of different types of fiber such as plenum, armored or InvisiCable. Single links can encompass multiple fiber types.

Made in the USA

For more than 20 years, Inneos products have been designed and manufactured in the USA.

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