InvisiCable™ In Room Solution

Looks and feels like monofilament fishing line but transmits 18 Gbps

InvisiCable™ In Room Solution

InvisiCable is a game changing approach to the aesthetics, logistics, and installation of high performance video cables. InvisiCable replaces thick, unsightly HDMI cables with ultra-thin, nearly invisible, state of the art fiber. Logistics are simplified with lightweight cabling that fits into the palm of your hand. Stop punching holes in walls and start saving time by using a cable that hides itself.

Features & Benefits

The Real4K™ Advantage

Proprietary multichannel optics deliver 18 Gbps over 1000m typical (400m worst case). This means 4K/60Hz, 4:4:4, and HDR support without compression, resolution limitations, or visual compromises.

Aesthetically Pleasing

No one wants to see the cables that connect your AV equipment or the mess that sits behind your AV cabinet. Today this means punching through walls to hide big ugly black cables. InvisiCable redefines the aesthetics of AV installations.

Better Cable Management

Cable deployment today requires measuring to ensure that the exact cable length is purchased. Too short or too long will cause problems. InvisiCable is so thin and light that 75 feet can be stored on a 2.75 inch disk.

New Installation Options

InvisiCable is so thin it can be embedded into the surface of dry wall. Use a razor blade to create a slot. Insert InvisiCable and then tape and paint to finish. Embedding fiber saves time and money.


InvisiCable is both lightweight and flexible with a 3 mm bend radius. This means easier handling in tight spots and around corners.

InvisiCable™ In Room Solution Includes:

  • 75 feet of InvisiCable, pre-terminated and ready to connect
  • "Magic Disk" Magnetic ring surrounded by rubber gasket to securely store InvisiCable (Dimensions: 2.75 inches diameter x 0.7 inches height)
  • Set of Real4K™ Optical Adapters (see below)

Real4K™ Optical Adapter Specifications

  • Full 18 Gbps Tx and Rx adapters support 4K/60Hz, 4:4:4 color, and HDR
  • Supports HDMI 1.x and HDMI 2.x signals for increased interoperability
  • HDCP 1.4 and HDCP 2.2 support for content protection ensures HDMI compliance
  • All communication, including video transport, HDCP, and maintenance, on one optical fiber
  • Open-fiber detection shuts down lasers for eye safety
  • Includes a single status LED to provide status and alerts for the connection
  • USB power cables included in the kit for complete plug and play operation

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