Modular Architecture Uses Standard Fiber

Industry standard fiber and components allows flexible "mix and match" solutions to fit any application

Industry Standard Fiber and Components

Inneos adapters and extenders make use of industry standard multimode fiber and industry standard SC connectors. This means installers can install their own fiber, wall plates, and connectors and simply hook up Inneos devices. It also means system designers can make use of a variety of application specific types of multimode fiber as well as wall plates and connectors from a variety of different sources.

Modular Designs Using Application Specific Types of Multimode Fiber

Multimode fiber has a “core” and a “jacket”. The core transmits the light and has a performance rating (see Ratings section below). The Jacket provides various levels of protection for the core. This protection can be quite minimal as in invisible fiber as well as quite significant as in armored fiber. An optical signal driven from and Inneos Real4K adapter or extender can transverse multiple sections of multimode fiber with different types of jackets. For example, a signal originating inside of a lacked AV closet could use invisible fiber to a wall plate, commercial (or plenum rated) fiber inside of the wall to the exterior of a home, and then from an external wall plate use armored fiber outside.

Multimode Fiber Ratings and Distance

Standard multimode fiber uses a rating system to determine the transmission performance of the “core” of the fiber. OM2 is the lowest performing core and thus is the least expensive and has the shortest transmission distance (although likely just fine for most AV applications). OM3 is better and OM4 is the best performing multimode fiber. Inneos adapters and extenders can transfer clean 4K and 8K video across the following distances over different ratings of multimode fiber .


OM2 Fiber

OM3 Fiber

OM4 Fiber

Inneos Real4K Adapters and Extenders

150 meters

750 meters

1000 meters

Inneos Real8K Adapters and Extenders

50 meters

250 meters

365 meters


Two Types of Standard Connectors

The fiber industry has lots of standard connectors, but two types are primarily used on AV deployment; SC and LC. SC connectors are larger and easier to work with when terminated fiber. LC connectors were designed to optimize space in server racks and so are smaller and lighter. Real 4K adapters and extenders currently use only SC connectors due to their ease of installation in the field.

3rd Party Components

Since Inneos products use standard fiber and connectors there are a number of fiber accessories that AV designers can make use of. These include fiber patch cables, wall plates, and optical connectors. Below are a couple sources where these types of accessories can be found.

Cleerline Fiber, Connectors and Fiber Termination Kits Fiber Cables and Connectors

L-Com Fiber Cables and Connectors

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